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Who is Bernie Sanders?

What is he proposing to do? Can he do it?

US presidential circus episode 4

Two weeks ago in Michigan, a state that used to make America’scars, Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton in the state’s presidential primary -- which should have been huge news. As usual, the TV and print media led with the more hairy news – that Trump won Michigan’s Republican primary.

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Trumpmania: Has America gone mad?

Nope – it was already mad.

Americans are angry mad at the fact that the government – and the corporates who run it – have their sticky fingers in everything their citizens do and everything they think, and all the citizens get is another day older and deeper in debt.

And America is batshit crazy mad in that it doesn’t believe in global warming and diplomacy but does believe in angels, insurance agents charging $2,000/month per family to look after their health (not counting the costs of treatments), and it still believes it’s the best country on Earth.

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